Stage III Expanded Activity

Service from Goal Line
As a coach don't you hate it when a player dribbles deep into the opponents penalty area near the goal line, then attempts shooting from a nearly impossible angle? I do, especially when there is a teammate waiting near the penalty spot, in the perfect position, with a clean line of sight on an open goal, but the ball is never passed back to them. This training exercise should help your attackers (and defenders) in this game situation.

Goalkeeping Shot Blocking Stage III Expanded Activity
40 x 40 yard area with 2 full sized goals at each end. 2 goalkeepers and 6-12 field players.

Defending Topic Preventing the Counter Attack Stage III Expanded
Defending Topic Preventing the Counter Attack Stage III Expanded

Attacking Topic Building Up from Defensive Half Stage III Expanded Activity
Playing by the numbers this is a 6 v 4 directional to goal activity. Players 2,3,4,5 should maintain possession then pass up to 6 and 8. Half field, 2 full sized goals, 10 field players and 2 goalkeepers. 8-12 balls, colored vests.

Quick Transition Game 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 with Goalkeeper
Setup an area 40 x 40 yards. Place a full sized goal at one end and two 6ft. mini goals on the opposite side. Divide players into 2 teams, this way when you expand into 2v2 and/or 3v3 players will already have vests on.

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