USSF License D Topic

Attacking Topic: Improve your team's ability to build up from the defensive half.

Session Details Stages I-IV

Stage I Warm-Up

Passing Warm-Up   Stage I

Passing Technique
50 by 50 yard area, group players into 4 per group. Each group will use an area of about 15 yards. You don't need any equipment or cones just a few soccer balls and hopefully a nice field of level cut grass. This is a simple passing warm-up with dynamic stretching, although you could make the passing very technical, read "Variations" in the PDF.

Stage II Small-Sided Activity

4 v 4 with 2 Neutral Players   Stage II Small Sided Activity

Possession, Penetrate Under Control
30 x 30 yd. area and 10 players (4 red, 4 blue and 2 orange neutral players). 8-12 regular size cones and 12 large cones used for goals or use PUGG goals. Objective: penetrate under control and then dribble or pass thru goals.

Stage III Expanded Activity

6 v 4 Numbers up for Defense   Stage III Expanded Activity

6 v 4 directional to goal. 2,3,4,5 should pass up to 6 and 8. Half field, 2 full sized goals, 10 field players and 2 goalkeepers. 8-12 balls, colored vests.

Coaching Points/Key Concepts
When red has ball blue should become compact and press red them. When blue has possession expand out, pass and dribble away from red, use full width of the field. Let 6,8 know if they can turn or not. Play combinations with 6 and 8, send them through to goal. Use goalkeepers to swing sides and organize the attack.

Stage IV Game

6 v 6 with Goalkeepers   Stage IV Game

Half field with 2 full sized goals.

Coaching Points/Key Concepts
NOTE: Let them play without interrupting, use natural stoppages or coach in the flow, cover points when players are resting.

Keep coaching points focused on this session, reference coaching points from Stages I-III of this session. Stay on topic.