Senior Night Leilehua High School Boys Varsity Soccer 2016 Photos

Player Recognition

Some of things I'm about to say about each senior are fun and positive, hopefully you might laugh, but for others my comments will be more serious and somber. My intent is not to hurt any of you; it is simply to be forthcoming and honest with my thoughts as you are each recognized as a senior on this team.

He's liked by some of his teammates, but not liked by other teammates, perhaps even hated by some. There have been plenty of moments when he's had trouble this season, on and off the field, however he hasn't quit the team (maybe he will after this speech). The fact he hasn't quit tells me he loves the game, he's proud to be on this team, and takes pride in playing for Leilehua High School. I believe in him and see good potential in him even though he's been part of my anxieties this season. He possesses honor and pride but combined with a young man's energy, passion, and emotions it doesn't always come out the right way. This said he's still one of my favorite players on the team, not because he has best attitude but because, simply put, he cares.

During my first week coaching, two girls approached me and one of them said, "hi coach my friend wants to try out for the boys' varsity soccer team". I looked carefully at their faces and realized one of them was a boy. Oops, just be cool now and introduce yourself, Hi my name is coach Brant, what's your name?... have you ever played soccer before?... okay well come to practice and let's see what you can do, mmm… I wondered if he noticed my blunder. I was thinking: is he serious? Is this a joke? But then I told myself you never know when or where you might find a gem. Everyone has talent and his is speed. Never mind he couldn't really kick a ball, I just wanted to watch him run. He is a good athlete and his strength of character has really impressed me from week to week. It's been really enjoyable having him on this team and I hope he had a good time. His intelligence and brawn make him and this team memorable for me.

He's respected by his teammates, not only because of his playing abilities but also because of his attitude and respect for everyone on the team. He's humble and has a good work ethic. He has great moves and speed, gives 100% effort that is until he gets a cramp. He's the kind of player ever coach want's on the team. I feel really lucky this season that I got to know this player, and had the opportunity to watch him have some amazing game performances. Regardless of our game results he should be proud of how he's played, I certainly am, what a great player.

He plays a unique position on the team and has a great attitude; he embodies the Hawaiian Shaka, no worries bro. He enjoys training, has fun, and consistently gives his best effort. He didn't get to play in many games but his positive attitude remained constant, the other coaches and I really respect and appreciate him for that. He is well liked by everyone on the team. He had his best moments of glory on the field when he started as our goalkeeper versus Nanakuli. He made 8 saves and got an assist on a really long punt. I know the entire team loved watching him play in that game, and he made us all proud.

He started playing soccer this year; it's harder than it looks. For example, during several training scrimmage games he missed an open goal from just a few feet away (although he's not the only player to do this). He scares me sometimes, kicking other players' legs instead of the ball (thank you for reminding me to tell everyone to put their shin guards on). For the most part his attitude has been really positive even though he seldom had game time, this is understandable. I often see him helping and supporting the team any way he can and for that I really appreciate him and know so do his teammates. He's a good athlete and I wish he was a freshman because I'd really like to be able to coach him again, I know he could learn and become a good soccer player.

He's tall, he's handsome, he has a great smile, and has a consistently good attitude and positive outlook on life. It's been a pleasure having him on the team; he has a lot of respect for everyone. He's a giving person; he volunteered his game time so others could play. He scored 3 goals so far this season, all with his head, 2 for our team and 1 for the other team.

Ethan Reibsome
He's very responsible, mature, and dedicated to this team, he has school pride. He's a sweet guy, a person that always does the right thing. He's had good and also not so good moments playing on the field. Considering he's so nice one of his most interesting moments though was when he almost started a brawl with the other team. Thankfully that didn't happen. I'm not sure how he feels about it but I believe it was a changing moment for this player. It showed everyone he can be a real animal in the arena of competition. After this incident we talked and he went on to play in the game against Campbell, that game I thought was his best game of the season (so far) and I'm really proud of him for this.

He has the best hair style on the team (debatable perhaps), I guess that's why he has such a tough head. Running on the field is not really his thing; he prefers to hang out until the ball is flying through the air, then he goes for it and dominates in high altitude. He cracks me up major when he speaks Chinese. He is a joy to be around and provides the great game commentary and sound effects. I really like his character and I'm glad to have gotten to know him a little bit.

Honestly it's tough talking about this next player. He's really been a headache for me and I've seriously thought about kicking him off the team, more than once. My advice to him was become friends with your teammates first, then learn to play with them. He's taken steps towards developing friendships with some of you but it hasn't worked out that way with everyone. I hope he's learned something from me but not about soccer, more about making choices as an adult. I've learned things from him this season and for that reason I don't regret keeping him on this team, I'm glad I've gotten to know him and I know he's done the best he can do at the moment in his life. There's no doubt in my mind or the other coaches that he contributes and dedicates himself on the field during games and for that he deserves everyone's respect.

He's had ups and downs this season; it's been a roller coaster for him emotionally, physically, and with some of his teammates (he's probably not alone in that category). He possesses a quality that will serve him well in his future and that is the ability to face and overcome adversity which is a characteristic of a champion. His performance on the field from the first game and up to now is not cloudy; it's crystal clear, from zero to a hundred. I wish he was a junior because I'd the opportunity to work with him for another year, but one is better than none. In my opinion he is the most improved player this season.

It's difficult to identify significant moments this player has had because he's so consistent, he really has his shit together every day and plays outstanding in each game. He's dependable and has a good work ethic. He's very likeable, he's positive and encouraging towards his teammates, he brings the team together, and most importantly he's tall dark and handsome. It's hard to find anything bad to say about this guy. He leads by example and could seriously be President one day, I'd vote for him. It's a little bit scary to think about this team next year without him, he can really do it all, and in my opinion he's irreplaceable. What are we going to do without him next year?