USSF License E Clinic Notes

August 9th-11th, 2013

I attended this clinic on August 9th, 10th, and 11th year 2013 at Waipio Soccer Park, Oahu Hawaii. George Kuntz was the lead instructor for the clinic and is also the HYSA state director of coaching in Hawaii. George is the coach that turned me onto books written by Horst Wein , great stuff if you haven't ever read any of his books.

My Test Topic: Individual Attacking

  1. State I: Unopposed
  2. Stage II: 1v1 (2v2)
  3. Stage III: 3v3 or 5v5 small sided game with counter goals
  4. Stage IV: Match Game

Coaching Points of Focus

  • Change of speed: play from the spot, slow, fast, explosive
  • Feints and other moves to beat a defender
  • Moving the ball
  • Prepare the ball before shooting

Clinic Notes

Below are some key notes I took during the clinic.

The 3 L's
  1. No Laps
  2. No Lines
  3. No Lectures

Do lots of shooting during practice, kids love seeing the ball go into the back of the net, we need more goal scorers in America.

Manage the Moment
  • Assess and manipulate the moment
  • Look for natural stoppages
  • Coach in flow, dont' disrupt

Guided Discovery - ask players open questions.

No weight lifting until high school.

Coach simple to complex

Create unstructured playing environments, the game is the best teacher.

During games give players advice based on the style of referee, help players mentally with referee especially no-calls.

License 'E' Certificate

USSF - National 'E' Licensed Coach