Leilehua High School Boys Varsity and JV 2016-2017 Season Info


* Note: All players must complete these forms prior to participating in any official practices or games. If you cannot download and print these forms go to the Trainers office and pick-up a copy there.

Equipment Rules from NFHS

  • Shin guards must have the NOCSAE seal and height range permanently marked on the front of the shinguard. (see images)
  • Recommended that male players wear a supporter and protective cup.
  • Home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks, visiting team shall wear solid dark jerseys and solid dark socks. Both socks must be the same color. Straps or tape applied on the outside of the sock must be of similar color.
  • Goalkeeper must have distinct colors from his teammates and opposing field players, including socks.

2016-2017 NFHS Soccer Update
Soccer Rules Changes
Points of Emphasis

Uniform Costs

Jerseys will be provided to players at no cost, however players will need to pay for shorts and socks. The all-inclusive cost is $60/per player and includes: 2 Adidas NCAA Elite Socks (1-white and 1-forest green), 2 Adidas Shorts (1-white and 1-black) , taxes, and shipping. Jerseys will need to be returned at the conclusion of the season, shorts and socks you paid for are yours to keep.

NOCSAE seal on shinguard

NOCSAE height on shinguard