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Brant Wojack Other Professional Experience

Software engineer for over 19 years I began my career in Cambridge, MA at an MIT web startup company back in the late 1990s named Millennium Productions. I took a rather unconventional path developing my career, dropping out of Berklee College of Music with only 1 year remaining until graduation. While working as an intern at Millennium Productions I was offered paid full-time position, the opportunity and money was irresistible. I had a hunch I was not going to have a career in Music, I had a knack for computer technology so I withdrew and began working full-time. With the exception of taking one programming course in C++ at Bunker Hill Community College I've learned and improved from colleagues, books, videos, internet resources and simply from working on a wide variety of projects for different organizations. I am self-directed and believe in lifelong learning. That said I regret not earning my college degree, earning a business degree in the future is something I want to complete and compliment my experience with.

The past 8 years I have been working in the Healthcare IT industry in Hawaii. Currently I work as a Senior Programmer Analyst and Project Manager at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Project Manager for large IT initiatives such as Digital Sign Networks and Security Surveillance IP Camera Systems (over 100 cameras).
  • Compose RFP documents and project requirements for vendor contracted IT products and services where the total costs exceed $100k. Oversee and manage sealed procurement bid and award process. Host in-person vendor visits as part of the procurement process.
  • Coordinate with staff and other resources to delegate project tasks.
  • Organize and lead project team meetings.
  • Control scope creep, stay within budget determined by the Finance and Accounting department.
  • Develop and program public and internal web site applications. Maintain and upgrade applications ongoing.
  • Design and maintain databases for applications.
  • Develop database queries for required annual data exports to State and Federal agencies as well as health insurance companies.
  • Design web sites using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Certified Microsoft Developer.