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Brant Wojack Coaching Abilities

  • Excellent knowledge of technical skills such as: dribbling moves, passing, bending kicks and finishing with the ability to demonstrate and teach those techniques using both the left and right foot.
  • Exhibits the highest professional standards, ethical behavior, and respect with regard and adherence to league rules and regulations including good rapport with referees.
  • Able to recognize players' weaknesses and strengths and provide methods for the player to improve upon their weaknesses. I believe some individuals have inherent talent but it's rare. I believe more in dedication and hard work. With a little encouragement those of us who are willing but not necessarily inherently talented can find excellence.
  • Able to effect change in a player's character, outlook, and attitude for example helping players who have a "fixed mindset" into adopting a "growth mindset".
  • Capable of developing and designing customized training sessions for a single player and the entire team.
  • Strong training and supervising skills not excluding the value of proper stretching, conditioning and strength training.
  • Outstanding leadership skills with tremendous potential to produce winning results. Competent developing team spirit, pride and dignity stemming from a professional training environment.
  • Ability to teach and instruct a high level of competency in soccer, in other words a complete player that is effective performing anywhere on the field.
  • Able to employ recruiting, teaching, counseling, and coaching to benefit program as a whole.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with student-athletes, staff, alumni, and parents with mutual respect and appreciation.

Coach Brant Wojack Leilehua High School 2016