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Brant Wojack Playing Experience

  • Hawaii Rangers Soccer League (2015) Mililani, Hawaii
    Playing with North Shore Soccer Hawaii team in the Rangers League. Being on the field again as a player instead of as a coach or referee is really fun, and it's even better playing with friends from the North Shore. John Rosa the head coach at Waialua High School started up the team; several of the players are seniors from the high school or former players who have since graduated. I really now understand why USSF prefers coaches who played previously or who are still playing, it gives you as a coach a true player perspective.
    North Shore Soccer Club FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • Division III Ice Hockey, Emerson College (1996) Boston, MA
    I didn't play ice hockey as a child however skating every day and playing whenever I could I somehow managed to become good enough to make this team, something I'm proud of to this day. Highlights: The team was horrible, we lost almost every game. I only played one season, endured a broken hand, cracked tooth, and a fractured ankle bone. Tough game and 1 year at that level was enough for me.
  • Recreational Ice Hockey League (1987 - 1994) Eugene, OR
    Discovered I had real passion for ice hockey. Hockey is like a fast short-sided game of soccer but with legal full contact, sort of a mash-up between soccer and football and I loved it.
  • JV Football (1986) North Eugene High School, OR
    Played one season during my freshman year but in the end decided playing football was sort of boring after having played soccer for so many years prior.
  • AYSO Youth Soccer (1977 - 1985) Eugene, OR
    Played as a child through middle school and had a great coach, his name was Jim McLaughlin. My favorite position was striker but I was happy to play anywhere just as long as I was on the field playing.
Looking back as a player, I regret to an extent not sticking with soccer. I started playing soccer when I was 5 and probably could have achieved more (gone further) compared to being an ice hockey player. This is part of why I enjoy coaching soccer so much now. My time to play at a high school, college, or professional level has passed however my opportunity to develop a coaching career is just beginning.

(2016 North Shore Soccer Club, starting from top/left)
Bryce, Gabe, Kalen, Ethan, Michael, Steve, Kainoa, Coach John Rosa
Gino, TJ, Kainoa, Brant, Juan

(2015 North Shore Soccer Club, starting from top/left)
Gabe, Kainoa, Kalen, Kevin, Dominic, Chris, Coach John Rosa
Oscar, Brant, Kainoa, Michael, TJ, Rodrigo, Kamale

TJ, this guys is super fast.


Gabriel making a fast getaway.