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Currently only available for iPhone and iPad (Android to come later). Note requires iOS 17 or higher.
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I've coached soccer in the U.S. for over 15 years and hundreds of you helped me develop the formations on this web site. The same formations are in the app. You can see all the formations on this web site before you purchase the app. The app costs $5.99 straight up with no bullcrap. There are NO in-app purchases, NO feature limitations, NO subscriptions, and NO expiration.

Inspiring Quotes

  • An English FA study stated if a player is not technically developed completely by the age of 14, chances are his aspirations of playing at a high level are greatly diminished. The technical development in a player should not be bypassed because of a "win" mentality.
  • "Practice makes permanent."
    Terry Vanables
  • "Nothing makes up for a failed passing game."
    Horst Wein
  • "Better to reach for 100 and get 90 than reach for 50 and get 50."
  • "Bloom where you're planted."
    Mary Engelbreit